Words From The Founder

Thank you for visiting Global Taekwon-Do Federation International.

It is my honor to welcome you to the organization that found it roots from Korea decades ago.

Taekwon-Do is a Korean art of self-defense. Contrary to the teachings of many of my fellow master instructors, practitioners and predecessors, Taekwon-Do did not originate thousands of years ago in ancient Korea. Rather, Taekwon-Do is a collection of similar unarmed martial arts techniques and foundations founded by General Choi Hong Hi, when he returned to Korea from Japan following World War II. While in Japan, he learned Karate-Do (meaning way of China Hand or way of Empty Hand) and the techniques he learned formed the basis for a new martial art and named in Taekwon-Do in April 11, 1955.

There are a lot of things we will share with everyone, technically and fundamentally, as we are putting unrest effort in uniting all the Taekwon-Do organizations all around the world. There are many things need to be done and I'm grateful for having an excellent team and Council Members to put our vision together, as a reality.

So stick around, and watch this space for upcoming activities.


Grandmaster Prof. Dato' Seri Dr. Sabree Salleh
Global Taekwon-Do Federation International




Council Members 2012 - 2014