Mission and Vision

GTFI Taekwon-Do is a sport, a martial art, a way of life, and a tool for social development. Its mission is to represent and promote, for the development of  Taekwon-Do in all countries by coordinating and certifying Taekwon-Do activities such as:

  1. To promote and develop Taekwon-Do as a means of building a better society on a foundation of peace, freedom, and justice
  2. To hold Competitions and Championships. – The use of a computerized scoring system. The competitions are safer and scoring is more precise and reliable.
  3. To organize Seminars and Workshops.
  4. To collaborate with affiliated organizations, such as Continental Federations, National Associations.
  5. Providing assistance to local Taekwon-Do organizations
  6. Certification for Black Belt holders
  7. To upgrade the training of International Instructors and Umpires. To set and enforcing high quality standards for technical and teaching. To develop programs such as intensive Instructor/Umpire training for all instructors at affordable prices
  8. To practise only twenty-four (24) Original Taekwon-Do patterns.
  9. To improve GTFI Taekwon-Do as a martial art, there will be increased emphasis on the traditional core values and protocol
  10. To improve the teaching of self-defence. GTFI will use seminars, documentation, videos, and other means of communication to spread knowledge.  GTFI Taekwon-Do will reach out  to new members, particularly women
  11. GTFI belongs to all its members; it must work for its members and with its members to provide the services they need and want. The GTFI and its affiliated organizations are always open to suggestions from members and encourage innovative ideas.
  12. GTFI is a democratic organization. Its affiliated organizations must remain free of all political influence.
  13. All qualifications and promotions within the GTFI and its affiliated organizations will be attributed according to merit and in conformity with well-established criteria. The respect of hierarchy authority is an important principle in all martial arts.
  14. All members of GTFI will respect those who are their seniors in the organization, particularly their instructors. On the other hand, the seniors will treat their students and other juniors with respect and fairness.
  15. GTFI Taekwon-Do can be a powerful tool to help solve social problems such as drug abuse and juvenile delinquency, providing structure, discipline, and self-confidence that carry over into all aspects of life.
  16. To teach the mental and spiritual aspects to our students so that they will be able to achieve a balanced life and happiness.
  17. To demonstrate the value of GTFI Taekwon-Do as a way of life, including the Do and Moral Culture
  18. To establish and maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct for all members.
  19. To coordinate  activities around the world  and resolve disagreements and conflicts between members
  20. To establish GTFI Taekwon-Do in countries around the globe without discrimination on any basis; this includes creed, colour, race and religion.